Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review – Helps Get Rid Of Tinnitus?

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is a guide that contains all the information of food and nutrition for the victims of tinnitus. This program is backed by scientific evidence and has also been tested. It informs one of the nutrients, foods, and recipes that can be used to get rid of the consistent ringing in one’s ears. Unlike other similar products, this e-book contains helpful information and can help one improve his hearing as well. A money-back guarantee makes the purchase risk-free.

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol

Tinnitus can ruin one’s life. It can transform into much more complicated problems related to the ears and the brain. One way to get rid of the issues posed by this ailment is by going for Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol. This guide contains info regarding how one can free himself from the constant ringing that tinnitus causes. The program is backed by science, it has been tested on the creator’s wife, and it promotes the use of only natural ingredients. This makes it seem promising.

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What does this book contain?

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol contains information that can help prevent further ear damage. It one get relief from tinnitus, and also improve one’s hearing. This is what material this book talks about:

  • Foods that can help prevent and stop the constant ringing noise
  • The names of the prescription drugs that must be avoided at all costs
  • The nutrients and the ingredients that can help get rid of tinnitus
  • 21 smoothie recipes that can help one be free of tinnitus once and for all

How do the recipes work?

The culprit that gives rise to tinnitus is the damage that is caused to nerve fat. Nerve fat is that which surrounds the auditory nerves and makes up the myelin sheath. Auditory nerves are responsible for carrying messages to and from the brain to the cochlea and vice versa. When the myelin sheath is harmed, tinnitus is birthed. Worse, since it is directly linked to the brain, the noise caused by tinnitus can lead to a decline of one’s mental performance.

The recipes that this guide takes about contain nutrients that can help prevent this damage along with rebuilding the myelin sheath. When the ears and their components get the nourishment and they are repaired as required, tinnitus subsides and one’s hearing is improved. This is how these recipes work to improve one’s condition. The ingredients of these smoothies can be easily bought from the nearest grocery store. The recipes are easy to make as well.

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The background of this book

It all started when Todd Carson’s wife started to gradually lose her hearing abilities and faced a decline in her cognitive functionality due to the persistent ringing that went on and on in her ears. Todd is the author of this guide. He is the man who took it upon himself to dig out a solution for those people who suffer at the hands of tinnitus, a condition that is seemingly harmless but can be noisy, annoying, and a culprit behind mental problems as well.

Todd’s wife, Jo was only 46 when her tinnitus worsened to the level that she couldn’t bear it anymore. Nor could this woman concentrate on work, neither could she sleep or even spending some time with her family and friends. Her tinnitus messed up with her brain along with her hearing. She had no hope of relief. Doctors couldn’t help her from the constant droning that went on in her ears. Prescriptions meds weren’t working.

In fact, they just made it even more unbearable. Then one day her husband, Todd, who has spent his life serving the US marines, army, and navy went on a work-related trip. There, he got the chance to visit a tropical Japanese island called Tonaki. When in Tonaki, he met an old woman named Kyoko who was originally from Okinawa. They started chatting and Todd explained his wife’s condition to her. Kyoko just smiled and handed him a recipe that she claimed could help Jo with her tinnitus.

When Todd reached home, he immediately started research on the ingredients of the recipe that Kyoko had given to him. He found that the components were rich with nutrients that could help get rid of tinnitus and the health concerns it brings along. He found out even more helpful ingredients. Then he made his wife try the recipes. To his disbelief, the recipes worked! Jo’s ears were free of the constant ringing, her brain health improved too.

The results didn’t even take ages to show. Only within 21 days, Jo’s tinnitus had diminished drastically. Noticing this, Todd decided to share the secret with everyone. This is how Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol came into being. The creator of this program believes that the medical industry has been keeping these ingredients a secret so that people keep buying their costly products. This guide also mentions other important details that can be helpful in fighting tinnitus.

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Features of this product

There are several amazing qualities that this product offers. Following are the features of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol:

  • The product is backed by scientific research
  • It has a solid refund policy backing it as well
  • The book is easy to access as it comes in pdf form
  • It promotes the use of only natural ingredients
  • One gets quick results by following the recommendations
  • A number of freebies also come along


Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is an incredible product that can help one get relief from tinnitus. The guide contains all the information regarding which foods one must take to combat the problem and improve one’s hearing. Based on the ingredients used by the people of Okinawa, the smoothies recommended are easy to prepare, absolutely natural, and also backed by science. These can assist one in getting rid of tinnitus in just 21 days.


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