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Salus Structured Silver is a liquid supplement by Salus Defense that contains pure silver as its primary ingredient. This product mixes silver particles with water in the right proportions. It is natural and safe to consume without any harmful side effects. The liquid comes with two freebies one being Salus Structured Silver Gel and the other being a guide called The Most Precious Metal: Why Silver Is More Valuable Than Gold, Platinum, or Money.

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A compromised immune system or unbalanced gut health are both bigger health issues than one can imagine. Weak immunity opens the doors wide for several infections and viruses. And so does a gut that is filled with more bad bacteria than good bacteria. Toxin build-up and inflammation are two more common health problems that are ignored until they flare up and show up in horrifying forms. However, it is always better to take measures sooner rather than later.

The traditional approaches to correct disturbed health in this regard often do not bring in many benefits. However, pure silver is one ingredient that is not a part of most products but works magic. For a long time, silver comprising products have failed to serve their purpose properly by bringing along a ton of health concerns in the form of adverse side effects. But now, after several clinical studies and tests, finally one such product has been created that seems promising.

This product is called Salus Structured Silver. It comes in the form of a liquid that works to improve one’s health and wellness. It contains miniscule pure silver particles combined in the right quantities with pure water. What it does is that it controls inflammation, boosts immunity, and balances gut health. It detoxifies the body and flushes out pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful substances. In this manner, it makes certain one’s health is kept in check.

Features of this product

There are several amazing qualities that this product has. Some of these have been given below:

  • It has been formulated in a US based facility following all GMP guidelines
  • The product does not contain any harmful components
  • The approach that it takes to improve health is unique and optimal
  • It uses pure silver and pure water in the right proportions in its composition
  • It comes in liquid form and hence, it is easy to add to one’s routine
  • It doesn’t have any negative side effects of use
  • It comes with two freebies, a gel and a guidebook
  • It is backed by a long money-back guarantee that makes the purchase risk-free

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Benefits of this product

Salus Defense Structured Silver delivers a whole lot of health benefits. This product comes controls inflammation. This inflammation is the very core problem that gives rise to a number of health problems. The liquid formula also improves the working of the gut. It eliminates the toxins that have gotten accumulated in the gut overtime. In this manner, it also saves one from digestive problems such as bloating and gas.

It comprises of the right ingredients that combine with bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. to take them out of the system. The product works as a detoxifier like this. It strengthens one’s immunity as well, protecting his health from a number of ailments. The supplement comes with a gel called the Salus Structured Silver Gel that can be applied on skin problems such as acne, eczema, rashes, and others to clear one’s skin and make it smooth.

Main ingredient and working of the product

This structured silver is based on silver which serves as its chief ingredient. Silver is renowned for its ability to combine with harmful substances such as toxins in the body to fight them and eliminate them from one’s system. The product contains not just silver but structured silver which means that silver is used in its blended form in this liquid supplement. Also, structured silver is a lot more effective, safer, and reliable than just silver.

It doesn’t pose the harmful impacts and risks that silver alone might. The product has been developed after countless researches and efforts. It contains silver particles in a high concentration combined with 15 parts per million. Unlike most other formulas that contain 10 parts per million. This means that it is a lot more beneficial than other similar options on the market. That makes this one an obvious better choice.

Most silver-based products have an acidic pH, however, not this one. The pH marker for this product is set below 7 making it alkaline in nature. Tiny pure silver particles combined with water constitute the composition of this product. What this unique formula does is that it carries impurities out of the system as the silver combines with them. This is how it betters gut health and combats inflammation along with making one’s immune system stronger.

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Bonuses and pricing

A single bottle of Salus Structured Silver comes for a price of $79. A single bottle comes with a free gel and a free guide. Three bottles of this liquid come with two free gels and a free guidebook with a price tag that reads $195. Whereas six bottles of this liquid bring four bottles of the gel and a free guide for $294. Also, there is a solid money-back guarantee that lasts 180 days. Those who do not like the results of this product can return it and get their cash back.

Final Verdict

Salus Structured Silver is an incredible, health-benefiting product. It has a natural composition and it also has the backing of scientific support. It is safe to use and doesn’t have any negative side effects on the health of a person. The central ingredient of the formula is structured silver which works to flush out bacteria, fungi, toxins, etc. It works to control inflammation, boost one’s immune system, and balance the heath of the gut.


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