Nutrisystem Lean 13 Review (UPDATED) – 2017 Coupon Codes and Deals

Staring at the walls, magically hope for a miracle, and counting the carbs is the complete picture of a person who is overweight. Disappointments, rejections, disgusting face expressions, and a gawking look are the key happenings in their days. The picture is pretty black and white, really, as the color leaks by and by with a bulging belly blocking any compliments. Regardless of checking calories in every few hours after having skipped a sandwich in the day, the situation stays the same. And those smoothie promises that state they’ll help to look slim and fit sound good but only from afar because their preparation deserves a separate time that the hectic life is not ready to give.

There is an all-in-one solution though, and it’s a single one-word all-rounder answer to the overweight issues called, Nutrisystem. This is an efficient full package to help one lose weight within a few days with minimum efforts. The only input that the individuals need to put is to place an order for it without taking out the time for reading the plan and follow steps accordingly and without having to spare time for making special carb-control meal plans that end up in the dustbin due to the poor taste.

What is Nutrisystem?

A pool of Nutrisystem reviews may only confuse a person who is trying very hard to shed a few calories. One only needs to understand that this product is the answer to all the prayers. It is a system that makes loosing weight easier. This system has diet plans decided by the user beforehand, so there is no calorie mathematics that a person has to do on his or her fingers.

The plan also makes the meals for its subscribers so that there is no hassle to run to the kitchen and spend hours trying to cook diet-friendly meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are also made in the Nutrisystem kitchen.

Lastly, the plan also delivers the food at one’s doorsteps in microwave friendly pouches. Hence, there is no need to worry about driving to get the food. So, the plan has the a-z covered for its subscribers; carbs are counted, plans are made, food is scheduled, and delivered to the doorstep. The result is a trimmed belly with reduced pounds.

Also, if one gets hungry during the day, there are cheat codes available for that as well. Since the company cares that about its users, therefore, it allows a person to add side items and snacks in the diet plan. For these, one can make a quick run to the grocery store and add fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks for a healthier day.

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The Results

Many of the times, one may put their maximum efforts but get only minimum results, which can be heartbreaking. But there is no sorrow for the soul with this program, as it requests only for limited effort and yields a drop in one pound or two pounds per week in the healthiest of ways.

There is a faster exception though. With the Nutrisystem Lean 13 plan, a woman can lose about 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month, whereas, a man can lose around 15 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.


Benefits of the Program:

Here are all the positive reasons why one can opt for this program

  • Safe and Effective

The best journey to success is that the road is laden with a safe track. In the case of this diet plan, the way to shed weight is with healthy snacks and 40 years of experience of the company. Therefore, weight loss is safe and effective without any side effects or risks during or after the process.

  • Variety of food menus

There is a vast menu to select from. Breakfast offers a variety of muffins, waffles, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, and pancakes. Lunch and dinner boost a pick from stew, pizza, chili, tacos, soup, and chicken and pasta. Likewise, dessert offers a range of cookies, brownies, and cakes.

  • Balanced nutrition

The nutrition offered as part of this diet plan is completely balanced as it contains all the vital nutrients to keep the body going, fueling it with energy, and activating a faster metabolism to achieve weight loss.

The meal plans are packed with lean, healthy proteins, low-glycemic carbs that stabilize blood sugar, high fiber to give a feeling of a full tummy, so hunger pangs don’t ruin all the weight-loss efforts, and the right blend of nutrients. Simultaneously, the diet plans are free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and preservatives.

  • Frequent meals

Research has revealed that smaller and frequently distributed meals in the day aid in losing weight. This secret is embedded in the meal plans of Nutrisystem. According to this scheme, one gets to eat every 203 hours so that healthy nutrients make way to the body frequently and one can cut down the extra pounds quickly and efficiently.

  • Simple to initiate

It is very simple to get started. Step one is to select a plan for oneself, step two is about selecting the menu from a myriad of options, and the last step encompasses placing the order with a click

  • An all-rounder by nature

The plan looks into everything. It cares about a person’s carb-conscious diet, exercise, snack add-ons from the grocery, and minimum input. One does not have to cook, as most of the foods arriving at a person’s home are ready for consumption or just need to be placed in the oven for re-heating. Some items that a person gets from the grocery may require a bit of input in the preparation though.

Regarding exercise, the plan suggests that an individual takes out 30 minutes for daily exercise that can be broken down into 3 periods of 10 minutes of physical activity in a day.

Who is this plan for?

This plan is for everybody, both men, and women. It must, however, be kept in mind that the meal plans are restricted for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with chronic kidney diseases or any other allergy
  • A person with any special dietary needs
  • For kids under the age of 14. There is a separate plan for teenagers between the age bracket of 14-17, just as there is a separate Nutrisystem lean 13 for quick pound shedding.


Plan to Choose

There is a constant Nutrisystem cost that one has to pay though, depending on the package selected. The Nutrisystem cost also varies on the fact that for whom it is selected such as for a diabetic patient, older adults, men or women. The basic packages are:

Basic Plan

This one is available at the lowest price. It is a monthly package that includes pre-selected and ready-to-go foods. Free shipping is included in the package along with a free online tracking tool and app that lets one keep track of their weight loss journey and suggests more tips and exercises.

Core Plan

This is the most popular package, and it is for approximately $10.54 a day. It offers a greater variety of 100 delicious foods to pick from. It also fully convenient, as for four weeks, the customized menu would be delivered to the doorstep minus the shipping charges. The best part is that the package gives free access to not only the online tracking app and tool but also there is unlimited access to dieticians and counselors.

Uniquely Yours

This is the most top-rated package that can be estimated to be $11.96 a day. This is the only package that allows one the option of frozen meals. The meal plan will be customized as per a person’s selection fro a range of 150 foods, so the plan gives the widest variety to choose from.

In addition to choosing one’s own meal, getting it delivered free of shipping charges, having free access to both the expert dieticians and counselors and the online tracking app, this package offers the biggest selection and frozen foods as well. So, one can kill weight without the torture of repetitive or boring foods.

However, before one makes a final decision, there is some good news too. And it is that three of the plans are fairly discounted with Nutrisystem coupons. According to these coupon discounts, the basic plan saves one $220 as it costs for $194.99 instead of $423.0. This is about 40% discount and the Nutrisystem 40% off is also similarly priced for the other two packages also. There’s more though; the Nutrisystem promo codes offer a $50 additional discount on top of the 40% regular discount that fetches one meal for $8 per day instead of $10.


Life is good with the Nutrisystem diet plan that provides a safe and effective way to loss weight by preparing healthy nutrients for a person that are enriched with all the essential nutrients so that balanced nutrition heads one way with minimal effort. Nonetheless, life is even better with the Nutrisystem promo codes and Nutrisystem 40% off, as the packages become all the more affordable.


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