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Natural Wonders is a newly released book by American Health Collective that contains in depth knowledge about the causes and treatments of life-threatening diseases and what actually takes away one’s life. It comes in the form of two volumes. The first one talks about the truth that what actually kills a person in his struggle against a deadly disease are even deadlier prescription drugs.

The second one discusses the reasons behind why a person gets ill and how diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, dementia, etc. can be combated using natural techniques that do not have any adverse side effects.


 Natural Wonders Review

Several people die at the hands of illnesses every single day. What most people are not aware of or deliberately turn a blind eye to is the fact that many of these deaths occur not due to the disease but due to the so-called steps taken to cure the problem; prescription drugs.

They are right when they say that the one should be careful with even medicinal drugs; they are filled with chemicals that show adverse side effects sometimes immediately, other times later on in life. The status of a person cannot save him or buy him “better” prescription drugs.

The rich and renowned and the middle-class alike die due to over-dosage of the drugs that were supposed to treat them. Natural Wonders reveals this truth; how harmful prescription drugs can be. It consists of a lot of information on diseases; their causes and treatments. So, the book doesn’t just explain the reason why one gets sick, but it also gives preventative measures.

Next it tells one natural remedies; ways health issues as big as heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, etc. and even minor problems such as irritable bowel disorder, insomnia, allergies, etc. can be defeated using only natural ingredients. When a person takes a natural solution instead of one that comprises of chemicals and fillers, he does himself a favor, saving himself from negative side effects. Also, the book doesn’t just give out info without any scientific support.

In fact, each aspect shared has the backing of science. It is divided into two parts; two volumes each with a different approach. The first one explains to people how dangerous prescription drugs are. It tells one about the five drugs that are the deadliest of all. The second one contains alternative natural solutions to these drugs.

This is how American Health Collective Natural Wonders works; by spreading awareness. For example, it discusses cancer and how many people die because of it. How chemotherapy also does more harm than good. And what natural steps can be taken to fight it. Another example is of diabetes and how curcumin is a powerful ingredient to cure it. Likewise, it talks about other diseases and their solutions as well.

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Who is the genius behind this product?

The mastermind behind this book is Bryce Hammond, research director at the American Health Collective (AHC). A place where there are several health specialists. Bryce is thus a professional in this field and not some amateur. He knows what he is talking about and has compiled this book after years and years of research, after investing his sweat and blood to this matter.

Therefore, Natural Wonders is not a haphazard compilation of unnecessary information by a fool rather it is comprehensive material that has been worked on not by Bryce alone but him along with his team of 157,478 individuals. All the information in the book has taken 14 years to be collected and 17 months to be written down and divided into two easily understandable volumes.

The sole aim of the team is to inform people of the truth and save lives before it is too late. This is why this book has been crafted to contain all the truth about prescription drugs and how they can damage health. But to improve one’s health’s condition, he has to take some steps and this is why the guide also contains natural cures along with preventative measures for common illnesses.

Bonuses that come along

When one buys Natural Wonders book, he doesn’t just get the two volumes of the book, but he also gets some free gifts. These come in e-book form and hence, one can read them on any smart device with convenience and improve his lifestyle. A brief overview of the three bonuses has been given below.

Natural Wonders All-Day Energy:

In this book all the techniques that can be employed to enhance one’s energy are discussed. When one is energetic enough he would be able to have a better life. Also since all the methods explained for gaining higher energy levels are natural there are no worries of adverse side effects.

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Natural Wonders Immune Protection Protocol:

Boosted immunity ensures that one doesn’t become a victim of infections. When one’s immunity is strong, his body can fight off health problems and protect him. Through this e-book, one learns all about the plans he can implement, the foods he should eat and those he should avoid in order to strengthen his immune system naturally.

Natural Wonders Natural Sleep Solution:

This is the third and the last bonus that comes along with the product and this one aims at helping better one’s sleeping pattern. Insomnia is something that most people experience due to stress, aging, or any other reason, but it is not as minor a problem as many treat it. It can disrupt one’s routine and ruin his health. This book tells about the ways one can naturally get better, more peaceful sleep.


Natural Wonders book by American Health Collective aims at saving lives that can be lost due to the simple and naïve mistake of prescription drugs over dosage. It doesn’t just discuss that, but it also discusses the causes behind why one gets health problems, preventative measures and natural solutions that can be relied on. The book is divided into two volumes and comes for a discounted price of $37. It is also backed by a 60 days money-back guarantee.


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