Meridian Health Protocol Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

Meridian Health Protocol is a program that helps people keep their health in check. This program has two components; workbooks and videos. Both run users through methods and techniques they can implement for better health and lifestyle. The Chinese have been using these procedures for centuries. Each step, herbal medicine, and measure mentioned has been proved by science to be effective at putting one’s health on track. Through this program one can learn how to naturally combat a wide range of health problems.

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Meridian Health Protocol Review

Taking care of one’s health is essential. Alas, with how busy and happening lives have become most people just don’t have the time to take proper steps to ensure that their health is not being compromised. Then when they become victims to health problems and have nowhere to go, they rush to the doctors despite knowing that prescription medicines and procedures just feed on their wallets and don’t do much to actually bring about an improvement in the condition of one’s health. However, what most people are not aware of is that nature has a solution for every health problem.

Even if they do know about natural remedies, they don’t know where to find the right ones for their illness. This is where Meridian Health Protocol comes into the picture. This program comprises of videos and a book that is akin to an encyclopedia only that it contains information about how one can prevent diseases, keep himself healthy, and naturally fight off health problems that they are suffering through. All the techniques mentioned in this system are those which have been used by the Chinese for more than 5000 years. According to the website of the program, the only reason that this program hasn’t spread is because of the western medicine market’s monopoly.

Through the use of this program one can find a treatment option for his health condition without any problems. The meridian herbal medicines are not just natural, but they are also backed by clinical tests and trails that have proved them to be efficient at their job. The concept of Meridian Health Protocol lies in meridian paths of the body. According to Chinese traditions, there are meridian points on the body that are linked to each other through pathways that facilitate the flow of energy. This program explains one this idea in depth and tells them in this regard how they can keep their health functioning properly.

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The background story of the product

The man who has created this program is George Bridgham. He is no amateur, rather he is a medical researcher and practitioner. Since this man has experience and expertise and is a professional in this field one can trust Meridian Health Protocol to be a program that actually works. This man also is someone who has been through the evils of an illness and knows firsthand how devastating it can be. 

This is what happened: George’s daughter was a child when a small tumor was found growing in her brain. Alas, doctors and medical professionals from all backgrounds couldn’t do anything to save her. They didn’t know how they could deal with this problem. They further said that his daughter had only six months to live. This broke George and his family, and this reality started to eat away at all his hopes. But he was determined; he wanted to find a solution to this. He didn’t want to just sit back and watch his daughter die. Since he was not ready to accept what was happening he did all the research he could.

The man went to the library and started reading through books and every pamphlet he could find. He searched the internet and took all the measures he could to find at least something. Then a friend of his recommended George a health institute which treated patients in China by using herbal medicines. George was desperate, so he tried this option too. That was when a miracle happened; his daughter survived despite all odds. Despite the doctors saying that her life was just about end.

But this didn’t make George stop. He carried on his work because he was dedicated to the cause of saving lives. He didn’t want people to experience the pain that he had been through. Therefore, he continued his search and came up with this solution. This is where the role of another man came into the picture named Master Lim. This man poured all his experience and knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine into this program. Lim is a practitioner of this very treatment in Singapore and keeps polishing his skills and education.

He is an expert in the field of healing as well in procedures such as herbology, massaging, acupressure, and aromatherapy. He also has information about essential oils and foods that can be used to promote healing. Together the two men have created this program with one sole aim; to naturally combat health problems and keep health in good shape. This is how this program came into being. The videos and text content are filled with the hard work, knowledge and efforts of Master Lim and George.


How does this program work?

The Meridian Heath Protocol basically revolves around the concept of meridian points. According to the Chinese traditions, there are meridian points in the body that are known as prime meridians. The functionality of the body depends on these prime meridians. Now it is not like that when a person gets ill, his meridian points have got harmed. No, rather the concept says that these points are linked to other parts of the body. Thus, the interaction of each part with the meridian points – or the lack of interaction – determines a person’s health.

The concept further elaborates that this because that each pathway allows for the flow of energy from one part to another. The body holds in itself the power to heal itself and set itself right. It has the ability to right the health system and the skill to combat health problems. The issue arises when these meridian pathways get blocked. When they get blocked energy cannot flow freely and hence this brings about illnesses and ruins the balance. This program gives in depth knowledge about this idea and tells one how he can locate his meridian points.

Once a person knows how to locate his prime meridians he can also learn how he can unblock the pathways of energy. This is how the program works; by making one aware of how his system works and how he can right it when it goes wrong. It also works by providing the body with the herbal medicines that can improve one’s health. It contains recipes and methods that tell one how to fight off illnesses. For this purpose, the program has been divided into two components; text and videos.


Meridian Heath Protocol is one of the best systems out there. The program is based on the Chinese concept of meridian points that has been followed by the Chinese for several thousand years. Also, science also supports this theory and proves that it is effective. One must take care of his health and this is the best way to do so. It is convenient and easy to follow. The program comes for a fair price of $97. However, currently it is available for a discounted price of $39.95. One more perk is that there is a 60-days money back guarantee too.


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