Jason Bond Picks Review – Should You Really Try It?

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Jason Bond Picks is a subscription service that sends trade alerts to users along with offering tutorials and strategies. It is about learning how to become a successful online stock trader and making huge sums of money. Through this service, individuals can save time and invest in trade immediately and make profits. It comes in three packages; one can choose whichever he finds most suitable.

Jason Bond Picks Review

The 9 to 5 job seems like a boring way to live life. For many it is normal and they are absolutely okay with the mediocre pay and monotonous schedule. For some though, this isn’t enough. These are those people who aim to make more, who want a strong and rich background. Those who want a secure future that doesn’t depend on the small savings made by working at regular hours at an office job.

Such determined individuals aim to start with some business at a side. These are the intelligent folks, those who choose not to depend on their stipends, those who aim to make an empire. But since the risk outweighs the promises, one has to juggle a lot at once; at least in the beginning. Even expert businessmen do not have enough time to invest though.

One way to start is by diving into the world of online trading. Online stock trading however requires two things in heaps; attention and time. Alas, no one has the time to constantly keep an eye on the stock market and immediately strategize his next move as an opportunity presents itself. This is where trade services come into the picture. These are like assistants and mentors at once.

A proper and well-organized service would be able to do the work for users and require minimal efforts. Though there are many such programs out there most of them cannot be trusted after all it is a matter of money and the virtual world is filled with frauds. Jason Bond Picks is one of the few services that one can rely on without any hesitation.

Positive reviews online are a testament to this. Not only does the service alert individuals about all the most recent happenings of the trade world but it also alerts them with important notifications. One can make profits by sitting comfortably at his home. The system is entirely online. Users get an idea of how and when to trade along with how much to invest and what gains to expect. Day trading, swing trading, this service is about it all.

What are the features of this service?

There are several amazing qualities of Jason Bond Picks service. Subscription leads to a whole lot of features. The chatroom filled with hundreds of attendants provides ten to twenty intra-day trade notifications and about ten swing trade alerts are given per week, the annual profit goal being of 100,000 dollars. The long-term service of the trading newsletter offers weekly text messages and email updates of two swing trades and three long-term trades.

The annual package called the Millionaire Roadmap services is a combination of all the services with some additional features that include access to the VIP chatroom, training webinars, TopStockPicks ETF services and to Jason Bond’s and Luke Murray’s live brokerage platforms. All this and much more with this program. The serious and dedicated individuals who make use of this service can benefit greatly, be they beginners or experts.

The pros of this program

There are multiples of favorable points that the Jason Bond Picks service has in its arsenal. A brief discussion of these has been given below.

Trade ideas:

With this program, subscribers get all the insider scoop on how to trade. The place is brimming with ideas and passionate followers would find them at every corner. There is a lot to learn especially considering that Jason doesn’t just give his lectures theoretically but shares his experiences, ideas, and his next moves as well. A wise person would keep a watch on his manner of dealings and derive a lot of practically useful tactics.


Some people are determined to make it big but where they falter is that they don’t have the time it takes to constantly keep check on the trade market. In this program, one gets all the work done for him. He saves time and struggle this way and a lot of the hard work is already done for him. Email and text messenger alerts keep him updated.

Tutorials and mentorship:

This service offers webinars and discussions as well that are conducted by the experts themselves. So, for those who sign up for learning and walking up the ladder there on, this Jason Bond Picks is an amazing service. Since Jason was an elementary school teacher for quite a long while before he decided to enter the world of digital trade, he explains the a to z of online stock trading in a comprehensive and easy-going manner.


The chatroom is large with lots of traders that one can learn from or engage in discussions with. The community is active and one gets many ideas just by reading through the comments. These online traders aren’t just available during the marketing hours but day and night. The active community is a source of learning in itself.

Diverse investment options:

This program has something for all types of traders. It has an investment plan for those who want quick money and also for those who wants huge profits and are ready to invest in long-term trades. With its wide variety of subscription options, users get a chance to choose whatever they want to go with, however they want to go with it.

Affiliate program:

Affiliate marketing and other such affiliate programs are a great way of deriving some income. One can participate and gain a lot. The Jason Bond Picks service offers an affiliate program that one can take part in as well by inviting a few of his friends. It is for those who would be interested in earning a bit extra cash.

Excellent customer support:

What defines a service’s respect for its users is the way it decides to offer customer support. In the case of this program, the team behind it is small and hence customer service is top-notch. Those who are embarrassed of asking their questions or reluctant in forwarding their concerns on the public platform can go ahead and send Jason a private email.


There are three different value packages offered by Jason Bond Picks. The Day and Swing Trading comes at a price of $399 quarterly. The Long-term Trading package comes with a price tag of $1900 yearly. Similarly, the Millionaire Roadmap package comes for $9,900. The prices differ based on the features and products offered and the profit one can make. One can go for the package that he finds most suitable to his schedule, trading manner, and budget.

Final Verdict

Jason Bond Picks is an incredible service for all those who want to learn more about trading. It is one convenient way of gaining knowledge and money right from the comfort of one’s home. The catch is that the service is quite expensive. Other than that, the program is efficient and gives one alerts, info, and all the help he needs to make huge profits. Jason is a pro at what he does which can be proved by the testimonials that he displays.

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