ActivOX Daily Review – Patriot Health Alliance’s Nitric Oxide Supplement

Becoming unhealthy is in the nature of staying healthy. One way or the other some health issues pops up occasionally to disturb the normal balance of one’s health state. Even if one is generally healthy, there are again chances of some issues or disorders maligning the state of well-being. A key ingredient that has several advantages such as benefits for the circulatory system, regulation of blood pressure, more cardiovascular health, and the like and this is compound is nitric oxide. A new supplement, which is based on nitric oxide is the ActivOX Daily by Patriot Health Alliance.

This product has received wide appreciation and science has even been considering it a breakthrough supplement of the decade. It boasts a simple formula, which yields several benefits and is a solution for numerous problems such as disturbed blood pressure, shooting sugar levels, declining brain health, poor heart health and blood circulation and more.
activox-daily-orderAcitvOX Daily Review

The AcitvOX Daily is a health supplement with multiple advantages. It is the brainchild of Dr. Lane Sebring and comes from the manufacturer of the renowned supplement house, Patriot Health Alliance. Both of these names are trustworthy in the supplement market, and with its previous products, the company has also attracted numerous loyal customers.

This product, in particular, is for all and sundry without any age limitations or gender restrictions. The supplement can be used by all kind of people, healthy or ailing and it will yield positive results for them. People who are not diagnosed with any medical illnesses can also take this supplement to prevent any future ailment attacks including safety from diabetes, circulatory problems, and possibly even dementia.

The major problem is that individuals take supplements only once they are diagnosed with some problem, but this product can be taken without any improper medical complications and diagnosis.

ActivOX Daily Ingredients

Patriot Health Alliance ActivOX Daily is a nitric oxide supplement. Research in 1998 showed that nitric oxide is able to signal the opening or expansion of arteries and thus improve the blood flow. This, in turn, increases blood flow to each and every organ of the body, making the entire body active and efficient.

During the early 20s and 30s, the level of nitric oxide in the blood is naturally higher so a person normally remains healthy. However, as a person ages the levels of nitric oxide in the body decrease naturally.

A natural source of nitric oxide is beetroot, and one can reap its benefits by drinking the beetroot juice. There are some problems with that as well such as poor tasting drink and improper coloring of the human excretion. The best solution then is this ActivOX Daily, which is a proprietary beet powder blend and enriches the body naturally with nitric oxide. Additionally, the product also tastes good so a person does not have to worry about the disgusting taste.

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Expected Results

There are a plethora of benefits that come with the intake of this product, these include:

Lowered Blood Pressure: the nitric oxide assist in relaxing the arteries so that the blood pressure is regulated to a healthy level, hence, helping in lowering the blood pressure

Improved Circulation: with relaxed arteries, more blood reaches all the body parts. As more oxygenated blood makes to the brain and other vital organs, a lot of diseases can be kept at bay.

Balanced Cholesterol: good fats are significant for the health of the heart and this product promotes the amounts of HDL (the good cholesterol) At the same time, the product also lowers the bad cholesterol.

Lower Risk of Blood Clots: with improved blood circulation, there is lower risk of heart attacks as well as strokes.

Enhanced Energy: due to the several above advantages the stamina and the energy of a person improves tremendously, along with an increase in an individual’s focus.

About the Face behind this Product

The person behind the ActivOX Daily is Dr. Lane Sebring who is a Texas-based doctor, specializing in the holistic anti-aging therapies. His treatments are known for their effectiveness. At the same time as being a practicing doctor, Dr. Lane is also a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, so he is pretty well versed in his field.

His list of patients also contains former governors, sports stars, and several more people. Dr. Lance shared his expertise with Patriot Health Alliance to bring this efficient and unique supplement.

About Patriot Health Alliance

ActivOX Daily is a highly potent supplement that comes from the house of Patriot Health Alliance. This is a well-known company in the supplement market and has several other supplements to boost about. Some of these include Patriot Power Greens, Ultimate Male, LoBP, Peak Performance for Men, and Flat Belly After 50.

All these supplements have gained a lot of appreciative welcome in the market, which improves the reliability of this company and the products that it manufactures.

Reliability of the Product

Three main reasons the account for the trustworthiness about this product include:

Natural Working

The formula of ActivOX Daily is based on a natural ingredient and also works naturally so that a person needs not to worry about any side effects.

Known Manufacturer

Dr. Lane knows his subject well and is an expert in his field. It is he who has formulated this supplement, so this automatically accounts for the product’s effectiveness.

Trustworthy Company

Lastly, the Patriot Health Alliance has several supplements to its credit so it no scam and it already has an established name in the market.


  • Quick Results; in certain cases, it only takes an hour or two to show positive results
  • Good taste: the supplement is healthy and tastes good at the same time
  • There is no need to change the diet or add some new exercises into the daily routine to see the results rather the results occur simply as part of the intake of this product
  • Shows no side effects
  • Has health advantages for numerous parts of the body and protects against several diseases as well.
  • Money refund policy

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Contacting the Manufacturers

In case there is a need for connecting with the company of the supplement for any reason, the Patriot Health Alliance is active from Monday-Friday between the hours 8 am-7 pm. On Saturdays, the supplement house is agile during the 10 am hours to 4 pm.

Within this time, an individual can reach out via the phone number, which is 1-800-230-8956. At the same time, queries or feedback can also forwarded to the email address of


There are several price packages of ActivOX by Patriot Health Alliance viz;

1 box of the product for $69.95 plus shipping charges of $9.95

3 boxes of the product for $199 with no shipping charges

5 boxes of the product for $199 without any shipping charges

Money-back Guarantee

ActivOX Daily comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. The policy also not ask any questions so if a person is not satisfied with the product or whatever his reasons, he can easily get his dollars back from the company.


With every purchase, an individual will also get additional material. These include:

▪    The book, Nature’s Secret Healer: NITRIC OXIDE

▪    Free shipping & handling with the of order 3 or 5 boxes of the product

▪    Nitric Oxide levels indicator strips

▪    The Nitric Oxide dietary book: Say YES to N-O

▪    A donation to veterans and their families


ActivOx Daily by Patriot Health Alliance is an efficient nitric oxide based product. It shows several benefits and is suitable for everyone. It comes with a money-back guarantee as well, so there’s nothing to lose. You should definitely give it a try!


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